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Modern Arnis & Balintawak of Michigan

Master Rich Parsons
Rich teaches Modern Arnis and Balintawak in Grand Blanc,  out of his home and at various seminars around the country (* USA *) and in Ontario, Canada.

Modern Arnis

Rich began his official martial arts training in August of 1986. Before this time frame and during the early part of his training, he bounced and was involved in other altercations. One of his main reasons for learning a martial art was to learn how not to break/hurt his opponents. The disarms and weapons techniques combined with the judo and jujitsu like moves gave him options in dealing with people other than pure strength. Rich obtained his basic instructors certificate in July of 1987, and has been teaching Modern Arnis in some fashion since. One of the best options for learning, is to teach.

Rich and others from the Flint Modern Arnis group did attend camps and seminars to see GM Remy Presas. They also had private and semi-private seminars where GM Remy Presas would come in and teach just the club. This allowed for fewer students and more contact time with GM Presas, with only a slight increase to cost. Rich had the privilege to test in front of GM Remy Presas in the Flint club.


Rich began his Balintawak training in April of 1998. He trained with Manong (GM) Ted Buot of Southfield Michigan, one or more classes a week as well as working out with the other students of Balintawak in the Flint Club/Group. Rich also worked with other students in Michigan, Buffalo, and anywhere else he could to better improve his understanding of this art by testing the moves and timing against others. He would play with people of other systems to try to understand the differences between them and Balintawak as well as the Modern Arnis.

Rich currently teaches private lessons to a couple of Manong Ted’s students who are looking to continue their education in the system. Rich also teaches private lessons to those that want to learn the art of Balintawak as was taught to him By Manong ted Buot.

Rich is working to preserve this art and system.


Rich has taught Modern Arnis and Balintawak at numerous events in Michigan, Buffalo, New York, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as well as in Ontario Canada.




                               GM Anciong Bacon – Balintawak            Presas Family Style
                                                  ||                      \\*                      //
                               GM Ted Buot                    GM Remy Presas – Modern Arnis
                                                  \\                    //
                          Balintawak – Rich Parsons – Modern Arnis

 * – GM Remy Presas did train with GM Moncal and GM Maranga as well.


This explains the Logo, with the Buot “B” for Balintawak inside the Modern Arnis Star. Both systems are taught separetly, by a single person and a single logo to represent them.



Contact Information:

Rich Parsons
P.O. Box 1003
Grand Blanc Mi, 48480-4003

810-938-3570 (Cell – Preferred)